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Transform Your Life with Frequencies of Brilliance: A Path to Healing and Happiness

Frequencies of Brilliance is an enlightenment technique, with a powerful healing process, that takes place beyond the third dimension. It is a unique, multidimensional technique that involves activating energy portals in the front and back of the body.

These portals open and an activation introduces high-level frequencies within the emotional and physical bodies. It works within every cell and with the entire nervous system, which activates new areas of the brain.


There is a perfect potential to be recognized and activated in the Human Being. With Frequencies of Brilliance gifts and abilities return as this awakening takes place.


It expands the way we live and how we move in the world. It connects us with Universal Truth, enhancing direct experience with the Self, allowing us to become more aware of the multidimensional experience here on the earth plane and within the universe itself.


It is a work of self-remembering and Awakening because when the Being is touched, it activates its enlightenment process, awakening to its most Divine spiritual aspect. There are a series of portals in the front and back of the body and these portals are activated. This activation is created energetically entering the space above the body and moving down until possibly the physical body is touched.


No two sessions will ever be the same because changes happen every session and as you complete each one there is a rebirth and you move to a new plateau, a new beginning for yourself. You continue to birth yourself and aspects of your Being in each session.


The potential for personal development and healing through the reception of frequencies is limitless. As you receive and integrate more of these vibrations, their transformative power intensifies, allowing for even deeper levels of growth and healing to occur within you.

"With this alignment, we accompany the feelings of peace, confidence and inner wisdom. And it is forgiveness, completeness, self-knowledge and love that, in the same way, allow us to expand perception, consciousness and ascend the soul."

What are the benefits?

This work implies an awakening. It is understood that any form of illness or negative manifestation can be corrected, or sublimated when the person is aligned with their I Am Presence, their Divine Consciousness.


With this alignment come feelings of peace, confidence and inner wisdom. And it is forgiveness, completeness, self-knowledge and love that, likewise, allow us to expand perception, and consciousness and ascend the soul.


It works beyond the illusion of the Ego and the limitation of third-dimensional energies, allowing you to open up to the light aspects of your Higher Self, Inner Self, through higher dimensional spaces. It enables advanced cures, at atomic and sub-atomic levels. When this happens, it is your Inner Self-healing you. Beyond form, time and space.

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Can I have an Online Session?

Each session is individual, energetically mapped and oriented towards what you need at that moment. It will act on the physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies.


You will be healing and growing, being born into a new understanding of truth and clarity. There is an ongoing connection that comes from the session that will continue to create healing for you.


Distance sessions are combined, with date and time. You lie down, in a silent environment and receive the energies of light that will be placed in your bodies. They last an average of 40 min.


Frequencies of Brilliance allow old limitations and blockages to collapse, as the being tends to balance itself. Be ready for this Healing!


About Me

My name is Guara. I am a Psychotherapist with over 40 years of experience. I am an Hypnotherapist and Strategic Psychotherapist, Frequency of Brilliance Therapist, Vibrational Life Coach, Mana Teacher, and Reiki Master. 

As a Psychotherapist, I help people become their better selves by eliminating sadness, fears, anxiety, and traumatic memories, as well as by empowering them to see themselves in a positive light.

As a Healer, I work with frequencies, sound healings, crystals, reiki, meditation, and chakras to create a multidimensional space where individuals can align with their hearts and inner selves. Where they can recognize their qualities and the layers of love within themselves and others.

Founding Member of ISPA - International Strategic Psychotherapists Association, in Australia and Member of the Brazilian Society of Neuroscience.

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